City hotel near the sea in Turkey to open in November

The weather in Turkish resorts in late autumn pleases with warm days and sunny mood. Despite everything, many tourists prefer to spend their free time in this hospitable country.

Off-season is fraught with many advantages. You can choose a hotel with a fairly affordable price and convenient location

Alanya is the warmest resort on the Antalya coast.

Most of the arriving travelers in the city or nearby villages.

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Bin Billa Hotel is a city hotel that is located far from Antalya airport, but makes up for the road with its favorable location. City center. near many cafes/shops/port.

The city hotel has practically no territory, but a pool for tourists working …

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The rooms are simple. Soundproofing is lame. It is worth stocking up on earplugs (take care of your ears) – for a restful sleep.

Internet is available for a fee.

Dining at the main restaurant. you can choose a different system. Breakfasts or All Inclusive. It is worth being prepared for what is on the food& All inclusive & quot; there will be a very modest buffet. From drinks beer/dry wine and non-alcoholic drinks-cola/fanta/sprite/water. Tea/coffee.

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The beach is five to seven minutes walk from the hotel. A big plus for tourists will be the availability of free sun loungers. The place is provided free of charge with a card from the hotel. Beach towels are not provided for guests. You can bring your own, or you can buy in any store next door from Bin Billa.

Kyzyl Kule tower (or Red Tower) and underground caves with medicinal properties … The Dim-chai river is located nearby.

The cost of staying at the Bin Billa hotel depends on the type of food selected.

for example 6 days of rest for two full package with departure from Moscow November 6-7:

Coral from – 19,600 for two tourists – Meals breakfasts Biblio Globus – 36,000 for two adult travelers – All Inclusive Meals

The total cost and the number of days can be changed at your discretion … All prices/dates/dates are published on the websites of tour operators.

The choice, as always, is yours! Warm rest to everyone!

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