Certainly not Turkey, but even here it is now plus 26

Many Russians were sent to a remote location, but what if they were just forced to go on vacation? I had to think about where and on what to spend my free time, which was not planned for the next two weeks.

My friend found herself in such a situation. Moreover, she never found a couple for rest. Someone worked, someone was ill, someone could not for various reasons.

Left in splendid isolation, my acquaintance decided to go on vacation in the Krasnodar Territory. Abkhazia was dismissed immediately, as she is a pretty blonde, alone, unaccompanied in this country, she considered it dangerous to spend her vacation.

She is afraid of long flights, so she stopped in Sochi. Last year she was vacationing in Krasnaya Polyana in the OK Belarus and she really liked it there. But now October is coming to an end and it will definitely be colder in the mountains.

I chose the Central District of the resort town and was not mistaken. With the weather this year, all the vacationers who arrived in Sochi were lucky. Plus 24, and some days it was hot weather, the air temperature reached plus 26 and above.

While it was warm, I swam in the sea after lunch (in the morning the water was still cool).

photo from personal archive from personal archive

It was cloudy for several days, and, in the free time,

a friend went to the Arboretum, and when the sky cleared of clouds and the sun began bake, then went to the port to sail on a yacht.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

Great weather and beautiful black swans in the park.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

a friend ate at the hotel …

Breakfast and dinner were paid for immediately, since lunch during a vacation in Sochi is not relevant. You can grab a bite to eat in any cafe or canteen on the waterfront.

The choice, as always, is yours! Take advantage of the excellent weather conditions and relax in Russia comfortably, even at the end of October!

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