Work or Fly on Vacation to Turkey

It seems that enterprises are just emerging from a protracted crisis. Cafes, restaurants, cinemas, fitness clubs, beauty salons, hotels have opened.

The restrictions on the ban on flights to several countries have been removed.

Since spring 2020, many tourists have been unable to complete their travels due to a viral infection.

At the same time, many postponed their vacation to a later date. For example – October 2020.

photo from personal archive. November 2019 photo from personal archive. November 2019

If we compare the weather in Turkey, then April is about the same temperature since October.

Natalia decided for herself that since it was not possible to visit Kemer in April, she would wait until better times. When everything is settled. And moved her vacation to early October 2020.

Summer has come. The restrictive measures were gradually removed. Natalya was really looking forward to allowing flights to Turkey.

From August 11, 2020, air traffic between our countries and Natalia resumed with a doubled expectation I was waiting for my rest.

And at the end of September she was summoned to the personnel department, where they presented a document for signature. It said that it is not recommended to leave the Russian Federation, and they will work remotely in October with an interval of 14 days office/14 days at home.

– What should I do with the trip? – Natalya asked – Ill be on vacation!

– Its your business! – answered her- But if there is an emergency, our business is to warn.

And the choice, as always, is yours!

I wish you had a good rest for 100%!

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