Will there be a second wave

The summer season is over. Its time to take stock. Not many tourists were able to spend their holidays on the seas. The beginning of the summer season was closed. Travelers have been actively booking tickets and tours at our resorts until they have approved new routes.

Countries are opening gradually. There is just a small fraction of the possibilities for spending a vacation abroad. But plans have already been made … Or not?

As of today, upon returning to the Russian Federation from abroad, all arriving tourists it is necessary to pass the tests and within 3 days and have time to upload the results on the website of the state. services.

What is important to know for tourists going to Turkey

Turkey is again in the lead. Despite some inconveniences, our citizens are happy to fly to this warm country on the NEAREST dates.

photo from personal archive. November 2019. Yalihan Aspendos 3 *. Alaniyaphoto from personal archive. November 2019. Yalihan Aspendos 3 *. Alanya

Why dont they plan for a later time? It seems that prices should go down and hotels are ready to work longer than usual, and even many are switching to serving tourists all year round …

The answer is simple. We insure ..

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors that a second wave will allegedly begin and you and I will again be asked to sit at home in self-isolation.

Tourists who could not fly away in the first series of such a regime are not ready to go through the procedures of disrupting their vacation again. If not “ burned& themselves, then everyone has friends or relatives – those who could not fly away and stayed at home. Refunds are frozen until 2022. (there are exceptions, but they are so scanty that they can be considered a drop in the ocean).

Tourists want guarantees that the vacation will take place, and not the opportunity to leave their hard-earned savings on the deposits of airlines or tour operators/travel agents.

Who can give such guarantees? Thats right – nobody …

Was in the store yesterday … At the entrance they asked to put on a mask and immediately warned that they would not be served without it …

– Yes, even masks, gloves, glasses … whatever, if only there was no second wave, I said, putting on a mask

– Unfortunately, there will be – the seller said sadly

– Do you know this for sure? or rumors again – I asked

– As they say – “wait and see,” she replied.

And this is the most accurate forecast to date.

photo photo from personal archive

in Turkey. But, like many others, I am in no hurry to buy a tour …

I wish everyone to be able to travel freely and live without health problems !

The choice, as always, is yours! Thank you!

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