Why has the demand for Turkish holidays dropped sharply?

In the first months after the opening of borders, planes flying to Turkish resorts were filled completely.

Tourists who have been waiting for their holidays with joy hurried to the Mediterranean. Moreover, many people bought their vouchers before all the crises.

Those who bought tours in advance were joined by other tourists who could not fly away earlier due to a viral infection and the closure of borders.

The third on the list are tourists who are tired of uncertainty and need to urgently change their surroundings.

photo of Turkish oranges. From the personal archive. 2020 photo of Turkish oranges. From the personal archive. 2020

There was no limit to the joy of travelers who were the first to leave and return. Then the tourists began to gradually add negative points. Which influenced the demand of such a popular destination as Turkey:

  • It is necessary to pass PCR tests within three days and upload to your personal account state services
  • If you are returning from a vacation in Russia, then you do not need to take tests (many were simply afraid of an additional two week quarantine after five to seven days of rest)
  • In the media and on the Internet, statistics on sick people are growing every day. This does not betray confidence in the future.
  • Enterprises are prepared. Many employees received a recommendation against their signature that it is not desirable to leave the Russian Federation.
  • There is information that there are problems with food in hotels (although you yourself understand that in most cases this is a slander and not true)
  • Someone managed to book a vacation in the Russian Federation for the MIR promotion with a cash back from the state. Turkey in flight again.
  • Many tourists have not yet replenished their supplies due to expenses in the spring, when workers were out of work and stayed at home. Unfortunately, the communal apartment and loans were not forgiven to anyone, and this was included in the mandatory payments .. And I also want to eat. So they spent a lot. There is no time for Turkey and vacation in general.
  • But there are daredevils, and they think I will have time to slip through and come back before some very radical measures. Ill drop into the last carriage. But there are few such tourists. Therefore, today almost all tour operators have tickets for the Antalya or Aegean coast of Turkey

Should I fly or not? The choice, as always, is yours.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

I wish you all good health , family well-being and new travels, no matter what !!!

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