Where it is interesting and useful to spend a vacation so as not to take tests

In autumn, you can spend your holidays not only by the sea. All ages are submissive to travel, even if you are not on vacation.

The routes are varied and interesting – each in its own way. The number of days you choose.

Recently. vacationers returning from abroad are required to take tests and upload the results on the website of the state service within three days. But you can choose a trip for yourself in order to avoid taking the PCR and comfortably return to work and school.

For example:

2 nights/3 days can be spent using the program & quot; Imperishable classics & quot; in Pushkin places. Pskov-Izborsk-Pechora.

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  • On the first day of the excursion program, you will be greeted, fed with breakfast and taken to hotel. In 2 hours a review of the Kremlin and Pskov. After free time. Rest.
  • The second day will begin with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, as a group of tourists expects a long journey to Pushkinskie Gory, about 120 km. Visit the Mikhailovskoye and Trigorskoye estates, the grave of the great Russian writer, then you will be invited to taste the local cuisine.
  • The third day – breakfast, check-out and departure to the most interesting place in Pskov – Izborsk and Pechora. During the excursion, you will be practically on the border with Estonia. Visit the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery, which has never closed its doors since 1473.
  • There is another option for a change :

    No need to go far – get to know the golden ring of Russia better. For the first time – small. The tour will take 4 days. Tourists do not return empty-handed from such a route.

    Small Golden Ring of Russia

    Start from Moscow. First stop in Vladimir. Tourists will be offered lunch in one of the refectory in the city. Be sure to visit the Crystal, Lacquer Miniatures and Embroidery Museum. You will be provided with unique souvenirs.

    Further, the route meanders to the Bogolyubsky monastery.

    photo of the Museum of Wooden Architecture https://pixabay.com/ru/photos/photo of the Museum of Wooden Architecture https://pixabay.com/en/photos/

    The second day will start with breakfast and departure of the group to Suzdal. Inspection of the Suzdal Kremlin. Visit to the observation deck of the Intercession Monastery. I advise you to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture – you will be satisfied. After lunch, transfer to Kostroma to the hotel. On the way – travel information

    Third day. Excursion to Yaroslavl with a visit to the unique Church of Elijah the Prophet (extra charge). Return to Kostroma. After lunch, a sightseeing tour to the Ipatiev Monastery.

    Fourth day. The release of numbers and move on. To Rostov the Great. Inspection of the Rostov Kremlin with the unique belfry of the Assumption Cathedral. Next, tourists are waiting for Pereslavl-Zalessky.

    Sightseeing tour of Homeland of Alexander Nevsky, Red Square and much more. After lunch, tourists go to the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra. The highlight of this route of the city of Sergiev Posad is the opportunity to touch the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

    The Small Ring of Russia is considered complete at this stage. The whole group is heading to Moscow. Happy, with new experiences and gifts!

    The choice, as always, is yours! More complete information and cost can be found on the website of the tour operator Multitour.

    I wish you bright travels and new interesting programs!

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