Tourists postponed the failed tour – were satisfied with the money

The tour operator did to make tourists save on the failed tour. Instead of 4 * in Tunisia, we rested in 5 * Turkey.

In June, all our citizens could not take advantage of trips abroad due to the difficult world situation. For those who did not fly to their planned countries, no one returned their finances.

– No money, but you hang on!

Then tour operators/travel agents/tourists/airlines were forced to find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Tours have been frozen until better times. Tourists of tour operators left paid finances on deposits in foreign currency on the day of payment.

Such actions also influenced the fact that at a later date, tourists were able to save money. For example:

On June 2, 2020, the Nikitin family planned to visit the Tunis hotel Welcome Meridiana 4 *.

photo /251036911.jpg photo

Dedicating yourself 12 days of carefree rest.

The voucher was bought back in the winter of 2020 , before the sad events, when no one could have imagined that the borders and countries would be closed.

At the end of May it became known that the trip would not take place and the family decided to postpone their trip to a later date – early October.

The tour operator postponed the tour without additional payments and Nikitins were expecting their vacation.

In early September, it became clear that a trip to Tunisia in October , too, will not take place. The Nikitins decided to change their country.

– Still need a vacation, they decided.

photo photo -1684818__340.jpg

Selected Turkey. Sural Hotel 5 * … But then it turned out that the cost of the vouchers increased greatly, since the euro and dollar did not wait for this time and only added in weight.

The surcharge for the selected hotel was almost 20,000 rubles …

their deposit account has 217 c.u. at the dollar exchange rate on the day of payment – 14,000 rubles.

They will be able to use these finances on account of the next trips (And the amount of the balance will remain in foreign currency). If the new trip fails, then the tour operator “ promised& return all unused funds after December 2021.

Unless further amendments are made to the tourism industry before that time.

If there is an opportunity to please yourself with new travels, it is worth taking advantage of this moment now. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

Choice, as always for you! I wish you a positive mood and new impressions!

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