The organization granted a vacation at its own expense to Turkey to its employee

In early October 2020, many businesses transferred their employees to remote work, and my friend, Nikolai, was sent on forced leave without pay – for a month now.

For several days Nikolai did not know what to do with the unscheduled weekend. The decision came by itself – to go to rest.

– Sochi? – I don’t want to.

– Abkhazia? – Was.

– Crimea? – Cold

– Turkey? – And why not, just right.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

Since Nikolai is a divorced person … Lives alone. He needed a pair. First of all, it's saving money, and secondly, it's not boring.

During the search, all of his friends refused to fly for various reasons. Someone was working. Someone on sick leave. Someone has already taken their vacation.

Then Nikolai went for a little trick. I sent all my acquaintances an SMS:

Im ready to buy a liter of Absalut in duty free, all inclusive for the one who will keep me company in Turkey!

The interested person was found right there. One. But he put forward his own conditions:

  • Hotel not less than 4 * with a good rating
  • First line without roads
  • Beach – sand, with good entrance
  • Green area with pool and adult slides
  • To have somewhere to leave the hotel – take a walk
  • the main thing – the sea was warm

Nikolai took into account all the wishes and hopes that the trip will be completed and the friend will not refuse at the last moment.

I have already postponed the money for Duty Free.

I wish them a lot of fun, and you have a good mood!

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