Sunny Park Spa 4 * is giving up its position in terms of service?

Weekends and unstyled vacations are ahead. November is a very unpredictable month. Cold snaps and prolonged rains are the main factors in thinking about where to spend your free time.

One of the best country hotels in the Moscow region is Sunny Park Spa 4 * … The tourist complex is located near Solnechnogorsk in the Moscow region.

Sunny Park Spa 4 * has a small number of rooms. You can choose for every taste and wallet. There are standards, apartments, two-room suites, as well as VIP cottages.

This season is not easy for the hotel. Against the background of general restrictions on tourism, the service in Sunny Park 4 * has deteriorated. The filling of the complex is almost 100%, which may be why the service and the attitude of the staff towards arriving tourists has dropped sharply.

Checking into rooms is a long procedure, and the administration can earn extra money on the availability of rooms by informing the guest who has already arrived at the reception that the payment was late and an additional payment must be made for the category above, and this is not less than 2500 rubles per room.

Sunny Park Spa 4 * famous for its SPA center. A large number of pools, saunas, thermal baths. Now, the hotel is probably tense with towels. There are complaints from tourists that there are no extra bathroom accessories, so the spa issues a bath towel in exactly one copy per guest.

It is a pleasure to spend the whole day on water procedures. A special difference is the saunas, which are included in the cost of living – Finnish, bio sauna with cedar-based salt, herbal, infrared. The salt room and tepidarium are free.

There is a heated outdoor pool called Lazy River. The water temperature, even in winter, is not less than plus 27 degrees.

Meals from 8-00 to 23-00 on the system “All inclusive “, on weekdays until 22-00. But do not forget that on the first day of arrival, the first service at 19-00 is dinner. Bars are open throughout the day, two of them are currently closed.

Bowling and billiards – record two days in advance. The gym, climbing wall, squash court work on schedule. Children from 12 years old are allowed to these classes. There are still walks along the chic alleys of the pine forest. You can see the main attraction of the hotel – Zhivaginsky pond.

photo photo /sunset-2726772_960_720.jpg A big plus of relaxation in Sunny Park Spa 4 * – this is the return Cashback when paying with MIR card .

If you dont find fault with much, you can spend your vacation or weekend in Sunny Park Spa 4 *.

The choice, as always, is yours! I wish you great rest and good health!

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