So that you get a lot of food in Turkish hotels. Advice from Russian tourists

This year, holidays in Turkish hotels are held in a new format. Although, of course, all hotels accept tourists according to the new standards.

Restaurants serve guests according to new rules.

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Tables are placed at a safe distance from each other friend.

The bartenders, cooks and waiters work in masks. Security measures are being followed. At the entrance, temperature is measured for all vacationers.

you cant put yourself a mountain of food. Cooks impose in small portions, which confuses many visitors, who are used to sitting at a table with a mountain of food – All inclusive and packed!

But our tourists will always find a way out of any situation. Apparently our brain is used to thinking, not dozing.

There are also pluses:

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  • There is enough food for everyone.
  • No such queues in restaurants
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    Tourists who want to eat more and do not like to approach the distribution several times have come up with such a move

    Walk up to the chef and say the magic word


    and they increase their portions. Checked on vacation at Long Beach Resort Hotel & amp; Spa 5 *

    More about September rest in this hotel in the next review. There will be both an article and a video.

    Warm. Beautiful. Hearty. – Ultra All Inclusive!

    I wish you new rest and pleasant impressions! The choice is yours, as always!

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