Russian tourists again expect additional expenses for future travel

2020 was not a happy year for many travelers. Vacations were canceled, which means that the long-awaited paid vacation was gone. Over time, the situation has improved and little by little some countries began to give permission for the entry of foreign tourists.

For those who like to travel on long-distance trains, on their own transport, on personal yachts – these additional expenses for future trips will not affect the tourist budget.

Everyone knows that most of the tourists, when planning their vacation, use air travel. It is both fast and convenient. We are used to the fact that luggage is an integral part of the upcoming trip. When flying on liners, the weight of a suitcase is a hot topic.

Previously, for many airlines, 20 kg of luggage and 5 kg of carry-on luggage was the usual norm. Its different now.

Air carriers began to reduce free baggage standards for passengers to 15 kg or even exclude it from the ticket price. And now the new news spread across travel portals – Royаl Flight introduces new changes to baggage allowance.

  • Departures from Russia and arrivals at the airport of the Russian Federation
  • Since October 1, 2020 free allowances for one economy class passenger seat – 10 kg and 5 kg hand luggage (size 40X30x20)
  • Luggage can be one suitcase or bag per person
  • The cost for additional kilograms will depend on the flight distance

It turns out that we are all forced to fly with light. With you on a trip, you practically do not take anything, since the weight of an empty suitcase is from 3 kg, some have even more.

photo .jpgphoto

My luggage only weighs there, from about 14 kg, and always back to the eyeballs (with gifts, souvenirs, new clothes, etc.) under all 20-21 kg.

Its easier for men – they dont need to take high-heeled shoes, shampoos, hair sprays and hair dryers, cosmetic bag and first aid kit, dresses, shorts, trousers, etc.

And rest with children, especially young ones. There are diapers for three kilograms, baby food with you, toys, clothes …

10 kg of luggage about nothing !!!

So, get ready, if you have a trip planned on Royal Flight flights, then from October 1, 2020 you will have to pay extra for overweight and back and forth.

The choice, as always, is yours! I wish you good health and great rest!

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