Russia has lowered prices for vacations. 10 days – 9 200 rubles for two with a flight, but there are no volunteers

At the beginning of October, the cost of traveling in Russia is pleasantly surprising.

10 days at the Black Sea resorts can be purchased for a nice price from 9,200 rubles for two tourists.

The price includes:

  • flight Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow
  • Round trip transfers
  • Accommodation on the western coast of Crimea in the new camping Olenevka
  • 10 days off
  • number 2-bed standard (Quarter Crimean)
  • medical insurance
  • guide services
  • Tourpoerator Biblio Globus

Olenevka Village – a new kind of Crimean vacation on the Black Sea coast in an ecological place near Cape Tarkhankut. Consists of two types of bungalows “ Krymsky Quarter& and & quot; Quarter Morskoy & quot;.

photo photo https: // -render__block article-render__block_underlined-text-enabled article-render__block_bold-italic-combination-enabled article-render__block_unstyled “data-enabled 7″>250 bungalows for two rooms with a veranda, and there is also the possibility of living in rooms of the category “ place for a tent& – FOR AMATEUR, since it does not have an electricity connection! In October, hardly anyone will dare to choose such an accommodation option despite the low price (6,300 for two).

What are the numbers in Olenevka Village. This is not a hotel, not a hotel or an apartment. This is a holiday campsite with summer houses and tents.

Rooms ranging from 11 to 16 sq.m. separate beds. On the veranda there is a table and two chairs. Air conditioning.

Showers and toilets were placed side by side – in freestanding white buildings – in the form of containers.

We have our own dance floor …

Meals at < i> Olenevka Village is not included in the price of the tour, but there is a food court Villagio with five cuisines of different directions (pilaf, manti, barbecue, grill, wok noodles, pizza, slalat bar, kebabs). The food court is open from 08-00 to 00-00.

photo photo article__ renderblock-renderblock- articleblock- renderblock- articleblock- renderblockblock-renderblockblockblockblock -text-enabled article-render__block_bold-italic-combination-enabled article-render__block_unstyled “data-points =” 4 “> Why fly on vacation to Olenevka Village? In this place One of the best beaches in Crimea, which is located in the immediate vicinity from the bungalow.

screen photo from Biblios site Globus screen photo from Biblio Globus site more than attractive on the website of the tour operator Biblio Globus. Check the relevance of prices and availability of tickets – everything changes every hour.

Fly or not? The choice, as always, is yours! I wish you good health and new travels!

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