Prices for Turkey have dropped and the weather is good

is never the right time.

Cost per vacation in Turkey is decreasing, which means that you can choose your favorite economy option price-quality.

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The most attractive offers for holidays on the Aegean coast. Its a velvet season in Marmaris. Warm sunny weather during the day and pleasant coolness in the evening. The sea is warm and pleasantly invigorating.

Promenade for walking along the sea is conducive to healing the body and saturation with iodine. Long winter days ahead.

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All conditions for active tourists are specially created … bicycles and special trailers for children are available for rent. You can ride with your family on special bike paths.

Pines and cedars, which are abundant in Marmaris, fill the air with healing properties.

Marmaris has all the conditions for different types of recreation. Many cafes, restaurants where there are always a lot of visitors.

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In the evening you can come to the center for the show singing fountains.

You can devote more than one day to shopping. Outlets, boutiques, shops, Migros, bazaar – this is not a complete list of where you can make purchases.

Thousand and One Nights Show with guest artists.

A huge number of excursion bureaus – if you do not want to buy from a guide, you can always book a tour to your liking in another place.

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Visit Pamukkale from Marmaris costs from 20 USD. – this excursion is considered the highlight of Turkey. The Cleopatra Baths can be visited at any time of the year.

There are many hotels along the coast. There are offers on the second and third lines, but this is not for everybody. Not everyone is ready to go far to the sea.

The cost of a weekly tour in a budget three -star hotel (price-quality) at the end of September 2020 for tour operators starts from

12,900 rubles per person with meals Breakfast- dinner (Intourist) – 15,000 rubles per tourist when choosing food & quot; all inclusive '' (Biblio Globus)

Why is there an active decline in prices in this direction now? The last week of September – early October is the end of the season. Therefore, if you have not had time to relax in the summer, then you can pamper yourself with a sea vacation at good prices in the fall. Charge your body with positive and good mood.

Upon arrival, tourists should not forget to take tests and upload the results to government services. And then you can feel completely rested. The choice, as always, is yours!

I wish you a sunny mood and new travels!

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