More at sea. What can you get for 12,000 rubles for All?

Turkey is again in the lead in terms of the number of tourists receiving … Sunny and hot weather set in in the resorts of the Mediterranean in October 2020. And our sky was covered with clouds and gray and rainy days came.

If there is an opportunity to allocate a week for yourself, then options for rest can be selected for any wallet. There would be a desire.

For example, from budget directions from tour operators today there are a lot of options.

True, the price-quality is sometimes lame, but you can still find a hotel near the beach.

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More Hotel 3 * a modest budget hotel. Located just an hours drive from Antalya airport, in the village of Beldibi.

Total area 7000 sq.m. on which there are two 3-storey buildings. main and annex.

More Hotel 3 * has a total of 70 rooms in two categories (62 standard 20 sq.m .. of which there are several rooms with windows overlooking the corridor and 8 spacious family rooms with an area of ​​50 sq.m.)

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Since there are not many rooms, tourists know each other a couple of days after arrival and have a rest as a big friendly family. Since there is not much entertainment in the hotel

  • Table tennis
  • darts
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Two pools

One bar and one restaurant. All inclusive buffet meals. But it is better to bring strong drinks with you (who needs it on vacation).

photo photo

The beach is very close to the hotel. 100 meters. Own. Pebble. Across the road from the sea. Sun beds and umbrellas are free. Towels are yours.

Those who need the Internet can be purchased for an additional fee in the hotel lobby. But it is better to go to the nearby cafes and for a cup of aromatic coffee/tea you will be given a password to Wi-Fi/

screen photo from the site Sanmar tourscreen photo from the site Sanmar tour

The cost of a weekly trip from the tour operator Sanmar starts at 12,000 rubles per person. Departure from Moscow. Check all prices and ticket availability on the website of the Sunmar tour operator.

Who needs an unassuming and relaxing holiday close to the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature?

different terms.

The choice, as always, is yours. ..

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