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During the period when the borders were closed, tourists fought for a refund paid for the vouchers. Someone was lucky, and he managed to get his finances back. But most tourists have their money stuck until the end of 2021. The issue has not yet been resolved at the state level.

Since October 14, 2020, two tour operators – Coral Travel and Sanmar, have launched a special offer for tourists, where they guarantee a full refund for a failed trip.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Promotion only applies to new bookings/trips
  • Travel start dates from 14.10.2020
  • All countries offered by tour operators are eligible for the promotion.
  • Participants of the action are all cities of Russian flights from Coral/Sanmar, except for regular flights
  • Tourists who have booked a full package of services or only a hotel can take part in the offer of tour operators

A refund of the cost of a trip or trip is possible if entry into another country or exit from the Russian Federation on the dates of your tour due to the closure of the borders or due to the aggravated situation due to a viral infection will not take place. *

* Tour operators Coral Travel and Sunmar have the right to change the terms of the promotion.

Stay tuned for daily updates on the websites of tour operators.

Who wants to go to the sea? Today flights are possible to

* Russia,

* Tanzania,

* Maldives,

* Turkey,

* UAE,

and other countries preparing to receive tourists (not many, but there is a choice).

rest and finance.

screenshot from coral mailing list screenshot from coral mailing list

I wish you all good health, family well-being and new travels, no matter what !!! Take care of yourself …

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