Meet Winter on Two Oceans at Great Prices for Warmth and All Inclusive

Autumn will soon surrender and winter will take over. Every day it gets colder and I want to break out to the warm sea for a positive mood and vitamin D.

This year, the holiday regime has undergone its changes and has shifted a lot. Something went wrong … many tourists have postponed their travels until better times.

How do you think this time has come? Is it worth considering new horizons for yourself?

If you decide what to have a rest, then you can spend it on the islands of two oceans. The choice. For example:

Zanzibar island.

Indian Ocean. The water temperature is +26 and higher all year round. The variety of resorts pleases its guests. lets stay at the hotel

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REEF & amp; Beach 4 *. Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the wide white sandy beach, as the hotel is located right on the ocean.

day the sounds of the waves Every will be heard through the windows of tourists. Guests will be satisfied with the room fund with all amenities. Each room has a tea/coffee set.

Free Wi-Fi is available on site.

The restaurant offers a rich all-inclusive cuisine. A required attribute is seafood dishes.

Also on the territory has three outdoor pools, a spa center with various types of massage.

The hotel is suitable for complete relaxation and active recreation …

Second rest option:

Cayo Island – Coco. Cuba

We will stay at a hotel located in the resort of Cayo Coco Island near the airport on the sandy beach of Las Coloradas

Memories Caribe Beach Resort 4 * … The hotel where they like to stay for active rest. Good rating from tourists. Price quality. and nice service.

Has its own Spa. Offers a package of services for newlyweds (those who played a wedding this year six months before the trip – inclusive.) Upon presentation of a marriage certificate (a copy is possible)

  • Improvement rooms – if possible
  • Late check-out – if possible
  • Wine/fruit in the room
  • Romantic dinner – one-time promotion
  • Special breakfast – once per rest time.

The hotel does not accept guests under 16 years of age. An adult vacation is guaranteed!

Nuance: In Cuba, the Internet is bad. This is a well-known fact. Two cookies per hour – pay at the reception. It is worth taking care of the connection in advance. Before the trip.

A little about prices. Departures at the end of November from Moscow:

Indian Ocean vacation 11 nights/12 days on “All inclusive” – 174,000 rubles for two tourists. (tour operator Sanmar)

Holidays on the Atlantic Ocean 11 nights/12 days & quot; All inclusive & quot; – 137,000 rubles for two tourists. (Tour operator Pegas Tourist)

The choice, as always, is yours! Have a nice rest and new impressions!

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