Is there anyone who wants to go on a cruise – the only one in 2020

I ask seniors not to throw slippers at me.

An exclusive travel option is not for everyone. But it is offered for tourists from all over the world.

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Our compatriots can also take part in an exciting cruise along the route:

And this is not a joke, as the heroes of Gaidai & # 39 ; s famous comedy “ The Diamond Hand& said:

– You will be in Kolyma … – you are welcome – No, you better come to us !!

Places to visit are unique and interesting

  • Anadyr
  • Chukotka coast
  • North Kamchatka coast
  • Commander Islands
  • South Kamchatka coast
  • Kuril Islands
  • Sakhalin

The cruise will be on a luxury private yacht Le BOREAL,

from September 19, 2020 to September 30, 2020.

The cabins are all fully equipped with the latest technology. Guests will be provided with natural French-made cosmetics in the bathroom. Also available

Minibar, satellite TV, direct telephone, wireless internet, safe, DVD/CD.

photo from the Infoflot mailing list Photo from the Infoflot mailing list

132 cabins with stunning ocean views … New paintings every day. Most have balconies.

The cruise program is more than exciting and is actually exclusive.

photo photo /09/navy-seals-2514890__340.jpg

Tourists who dare to go on such a trip will have a lot of pleasure. They will pass through the most inaccessible places of the Russian Far East. Their disembarkation with qualified guides on the coast in order to see firsthand the wildlife and its inhabitants of the local area:

Arctic tundra forest, volcanoes, rocks, endless views of the ocean, fjords, no worse than in Scandinavia

photo photo

If youre lucky, you can see whales, brown bears, a wide variety of birds gathering in flocks, seals and killer whales.

The most valuable gift for tourists will be acquaintance and communication with the indigenous people of the Chukotka region, which are considered to be dying out. There are very few of them left.

Those interested can complete the cruise program in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, for the rest, the journey will continue through Japan.

They say that once youve been on a cruise, its hard to find a replacement.

Now comes the fun part. The cruise program is offered by a single cruise booking center around the world – RiverLines, and a detailed program and route can be viewed on the Infoflot website

Starting price from 576 931 rubles …

Anyone interested? The choice is yours, as always!

It & # 39 ; s nice that you were on the Yaturist channel! Come back!

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