Hurry up. Five days left if you are going to have a rest at sea

Only tour operators put up for sale a flight program to Egypt in transit through Turkey, as there were reminders that arrival in an Arab country is only possible through Cairo.

In order to spend their holidays in the Red Sea resorts, Russian tourists will have to be prepared for the following actions:

  • Upon arrival at the Egyptian airport, guests must have PPE – masks and gloves
  • All foreign citizens arriving in an Arab country are required to present a certificate with a negative result for the infection, except for children under six years old.
  • When crossing the border, tourists must have a paper copy of the analysis in English or Arabic. They must hand them over at the airport.
  • that until October 31, 2020, Russian tourists arriving in Egypt will not pay for an entry visa.

so many days left until the end of the month. On the territory of the Red Sea resorts, there are some restrictions on recreation.

  • Vacationers are required to observe the mask mode in all public places
  • Hotels are 50% filled with tourists
  • Nightclubs and entertainment venues will stop operating during winter

Many travelers are afraid that the beach will be introduced new restrictions and local authorities will force them to wear masks even on the seaside.

All hotels and hotels have adopted all methods to protect the health of guests … Daily temperature measurement of vacationers, thorough cleaning of rooms, provision of personal protective equipment for staff and tourists.

rich underwater world of the Red Sea. photo from personal archives of the rich underwater world of the Red Sea. photo from personal archive

Currently, tour operators are making changes to the flight program of tours in Egypt. Follow the latest news on the favorite resorts of the Red Sea.

The choice is yours as always! I wish you excellent rest and good health!

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