Excursion to Istanbul from Antalya – throwing money down the drain

impressions. First, about the Long Beach Resort Deluxe Spa 5 *, an article has already been written about this click here. Then we discussed the situation with her work. And finally, before she was about to leave the guests, she told me a story about an excursion to Istanbul.

Everyone knows that when tourists arrive at Antalya airport, then on the way, on the bus, they receive meeting information with the hotel guide. He conducts a conversation with them about the routine and life of tourists at the resort, in the hotel, and also invites them to visit the most famous sights of the country.

My friend has never been to Istanbul and decided to buy an excursion to the city of contrasts … At first, she wanted to take time to think, since the price was not very pleasing – $ 200 per person, but the guide said that if she pays now, he will give her a discount – $ 20. The friend agreed.

What was included in this money:

  • Flight Antalya-Istanbul-Antalya
  • Transfer: airport – hotel -airport

Meeting in Istanbul

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

  • Sightseeing tour” Ottoman Empire “- half day
  • Boat trip on the Bosphorus
  • Review of the Blue Mosque
  • See in one city – Europe and Asia
  • Professional guide accompaniment
  • Lunch with tasting
  • Free time for shopping or additional excursions
  • Masks are required

A group of tourists flew to Istanbul airport early in the morning. The host quickly placed the guests on the bus and the tour began.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

Non-stop, three hours of people in They drove in masks across the European part of the city, and when they drove across the hanging Bosphorus bridge to the pier on the territory of the Asian part, where the boat was supposed to wait for them , it was not there.

The wait was thirty minutes, which subsequently affected the time left for shopping. That is, a shopping trip in Istanbul, which was promised to tourists by the guides. was not implemented.

Throughout the excursion, the guests were allowed to go out once – at the pier. The tourists did not have enough time for more.

Having paid that kind of money, my friend was disappointed with Istanbul. I never saw the most interesting things. The main sights of the city simply floated through the windows of the bus.

The choice is yours as always! I wish you good health and great rest!

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