Changed sick leave to Turkey

And yet I dont think what will happen when I return from vacation. The air temperature is plus 35. The weather is hot in Kemer. Im fine. My health is better monitored in Turkey if I was at home or in our hospital.

  • Measure body temperature several times a day
  • Complete room sanitization every day
  • Hotel staff wearing masks and gloves
  • Antiseptics are everywhere
  • Meals varied from fresh products, not porridge on water

The most important health factor is the warm, clean , gentle Mediterranean Sea. I have never spent so much time on the water. I decided to stock up on iodine until next year.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

All this beauty, together with me, located in the Limak Limra 5 hotel *. Less than an hours drive from the airport. Around mountains, sun and sea.

Luxurious territory. Everywhere cleanliness is order. You admire the tall palm trees and just go crazy. Tired of wandering around, lie down on a sunbed. The staff will come up to you and bring you a cup of sliced ​​fresh fruit.

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Outdoor pools are fully operational. Music is playing. There are aqua aerobics lessons, then beach volleyball, animators play with small children in a mini club.

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There is a separate area for tourists traveling with family or friends. Awnings are stretched, sunbeds are placed, there are tables inside. You can order a cocktail, beer or any drinks with Turkish delights and the service staff will bring whatever you want on a tray.

The beach is great. Finely pebbled. With sun loungers and tents. Warm sea (+27) gives additional positive energy for the body.

photo from personal archive photo from personal archive

I have a great rest in Limre, eat ice cream and take a full tan. Now they say the sun is shining in Moscow. Maybe itll give you a ride …. Ill fly home. And then there will be ….

Select as always for you! I wish you good health and good mood!

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