4 * for Ultra less than 15,000 rubles in Turkey. First line in Alanya

Who didnt have a rest in the summer? Dont be sad. In Turkey, the weather is beautiful +30 in the shade. The sea has warmed up and a week's vacation can be spent on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for a nominal fee.

Tour operators offer hotels of different stars, type of food, resorts to choose from. It remains only to decide …

Moscow. Apparently this is the way it is …

  • flight Moscow-Antalya-Moscow
  • Program transfers
  • advanced medical insurance
  • Powered by Ultra All Inclusive
  • Standard room for two adults
  • Klass Hotel 4 *

screen photo from the Sanmarscreen site photo from the Sanmar site

  • Cost 28 569 rubles for two for a week
  • < li class = "article-render__block article-render__block_underlined-text-enabled article-render__block_bold-italic-combination-enabled article-render__block_li" data-points = "1"> Tour Operator Sanmar

photo https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69608378.jpgphoto https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69608378.jpg

Klas Hotel 4 * located in the resort area of ​​Alanya, Turkish Antalya coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Far enough from the airport. Well have to drive more than two hours with rest stops.

Check-in to the rooms after 14-00 … Release until 12-00.

Small area 10,000 sq.m. consists of one 5-storey building with one hundred rooms.

photo https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69604012.jpg photo https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69604012.jpg

Spacious rooms with modern design, many have beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

all amenities for a good rest:

  • Bathroom room with cosmetic accessories
  • TV with Russian channels
  • Conditioner
  • Balcony
  • mini-bar

photo https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69621620.jpg photo https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696 /69621620.jpg

A restaurant that serves the main food for tourists. Breakfast lunch dinner. Bars open at 10-00 where you can order drinks.

Entertainment on site:

Aqua/sports games from morning to evening on schedule Board games Hamam spa center (chargeable) Disco animation programs for children and adults photo https://cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69610311.jpg photo https: //cf. bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/696/69610311.jpg

For guests, two outdoor pools with three water slides.

The beach is located next to the hotel and is separated by a road. Access to the beach via an underground passage. Such a walk is not inconvenient.

Beach accessories for tanning – is free. Towels at extra cost.

Turkey has sunny hot weather in September 2020. In Russia, it is cloudy, cold and rainy in almost all regions. We are already waiting for the heating season.

Fly or stay at home? The full cost and dates of departure can be selected on the website of the tour operator Sanmar. The choice, as always, is yours!

Sunny holidays and new travels!

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